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Image by Artem Beliaikin

Dog Walking

Does your pup need exercise while you are gone at work? 
Would you like your dog to get some socialization and playtime with other pups?

We offer both Private and Pack Walks!
Our experienced Dog Walkers would be happy to help you and your pup find the perfect walk style.

Empire Pet Care Dog looking up at human

We get to know your pup.

Our amazing team of Dog Walkers would love to get your pup out and about! We offer both Private and Pack Walks in both Albany and Delmar, NY. If your pup would rather stay in the yard for some fetch and cuddles, we can handle that too!

Empire Pet Care Woman holding smiling happy Dog

Missing your pup during the day?

We know how you feel! Our Dog Walkers will always provide you with updates and photos of your pup's adventures with us through our app. You can rest easy knowing they are being taken care of and having fun!

Safety is our top paw-ority!

Image by Audrey Fretz

Our amazing Dog Walkers are experienced and well-trained in dog walking, dog behavior, and pack walks. We take safety very seriously so that your pup can fully enjoy their walk with us!

  • all of our Dog Walkers wear leash belts so pups are always connected to their Dog Walker

  • all dogs have two points of contact to a leash. We use coupling clips to attach leashes to either a collar & harness, collar & slip collar, etc.

  • all Dog Walkers carry pet first aid kits

Empire Pet Care Two Golden Retrievers playing tug-of-war

We keep it simple.

30 Minute Private Walk: $27
(sales tax and additional fees may apply)

Click Here for our Pack Walks!

Ready to make your dog's day?

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