Going away on vacation?
Off for a weekend getaway?

We know leaving a pet at home can be stressful.

We keep the love going when you aren't home.

We know you have created the perfect care routine for your furry friends, so we make sure our visits cover every detail. Beyond the essentials, we provide your pets with lots of playtime and love to keep them relaxed and happy at home.

Wondering what your furry friend is up to?

We keep you connected with your pet! Our Pet Sitters will always provide you with updates and photos of your furry friend's adventures with us through our easy-to-use app. You can rest easy knowing they are being taken care of and having fun!

We keep your house a home.

In addition to keeping your furry friends happy and healthy, our Pet Sitters are more than happy to perform basic tasks to keep your home running smoothly and to deter intruders. We can water plants; adjust lights, blinds, and thermostats; bring waste bins out; retrieve the mail; and much more. There is no additional fee if these services can be completed during a standard visit.

We keep it simple.

Do you have multiple pets that need some love and exercise? The more the merrier! We only charge for the time we spend with your furry friends:
15 Minute Cat/Small Animal Visit: $20
30 Minute Visit: $25
45 Minute Visit: $32
60 Minute Visit: $38

(sales tax and additional fees may apply)

Ready to show your pet how much we care?


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