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Where to Adopt a Cat in Albany, NY

June is National Adopt a Cat Month, encouraging pet lovers to rescue a new feline friend! The event also serves to educate current and future pet owners on how to care for a cat. Whether you are adopting a cat for the first time or adding to your family, there are several places to visit in and around Albany, NY. If you are searching for places to adopt a cat in or around Albany, NY, keep reading for our list of top cat adoption locations.


Considerations Before Adopting a Cat Each animal shelter or adoption agency will have its own processes and procedures in place, so it is important to do your research before visiting the adoption center. Some places may require paperwork, background checks, or questionnaires before you can adopt a cat. In other cases, you may be able to visit the shelter and leave with a new pet that same day. When adopting a cat, it is important to consider your home environment and your schedule. How much time and space you can dedicate to your new pet will greatly influence which cat is right for you. Many cat adoption places have a range of cats, including different ages and temperaments. Making these decisions ahead of time can help prevent you from being swayed by the first cute kitten you see!


Mohawk Hudson Humane Society Location: 3 Oakland Avenue Menands, NY 12204 Phone: 518-434-8128 The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society is the oldest organization for animal protection in the Capital Region of New York. The society has been around since 1887, serving Albany, Rensselaer, and nearby counties. The shelter cares for and rehomes stray animals, abused animals, or any unwanted animals and provides a variety of care services for these animals. In 2020, the society helped 1,795 pets get adopted into new and loving homes. How to Adopt a Cat from Mohawk Hudson Humane Society You can view all cats available for adoption through the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society on their website, or by clicking here. The society allows walk-in appointments for cat adoption, or you can choose to schedule a virtual appointment. The website provides information on each cat’s breed, age, sex, weight, color, training, and more. Adoption prices vary by cat but typically range from $75 to $125. If you choose to do a walk-in appointment, you must be ready to take your new cat home that same day. The shelter is operating with COVID-19 safety procedures, including face masks, social distancing, and temperature checks.


Orange Street Cats Phone: 518-533-5242 Orange Street Cats has helped cats find foster and forever homes since 2010. The not-for-profit organization offers a variety of services to the local Albany community, including pairing senior citizens with senior cats. The shelter is known for taking in cats that other places would typically turn away. From very old or very young cats to cats with illnesses or special needs, Orange Street Cats focuses on getting each cat the care they need and finding the right home. How to Adopt a Cat from Orange Street Cats To adopt a cat from Orange Street Cats, you must first fill out their cat adoption form and submit it via email or mail. Each application is carefully reviewed by the Orange Street Cats team to determine the best situation for their available pets. You can view their Petfinder page to see all available animals but completing a form does not guarantee adoption. The team will work with you to determine the right fit for your home, and adoption fees can vary by cat. You can also sign up to foster cats by submitting a foster care provider application. Orange Street Cats covers the cost of veterinary care as well as food and supplies for your foster cat and you provide a loving home. When you submit an application, the team will work with you to match the right cat to your current situation.


AnimaLovers Location: East Greenbush PetSmart, 279 Troy Road, Suite 11 Rensselaer, NY 12144 Phone: 518-348-3903 AnimaLovers has helped stray and needy cats in the Capital Region for more than 25 years. Founded in 1995, the organization is dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens, providing necessary veterinary services, and finding forever homes for these animals. The shelter is a not-for-profit organization that relies on volunteers, donations, and adoption fees to care for the many cats and kittens that come through their doors. How to Adopt a Cat from AnimaLovers If you live within an hour of the Capital District, you are eligible to adopt a cat or kitten from AnimaLovers. You can view some of the many cats available for adoption on the shelter’s website and download an adoption application to save time. The organization hosts cat clinics at the East Greenbush PetSmart where you can turn in your adoption application and meet the cats available for adoption. Adoption fees for one adult care are $100 and $150 for a kitten up to one-year-old. If you adopt more than one cat or kitten, the adoption fees per cat are less. There is an extra charge for specialty breeds, but there is no adoption fee for cats over 10 years old.


Kitten Angels Email: Kitten Angels is a non-profit cat adoption agency operating in and around Albany, NY. The organization rescues abandoned or orphaned cats, including mama cats, kittens, and pregnant cats. Most of the cats available for adoption are cared for in foster homes and brought to weekly adoption events. The organization relies on volunteers and donations to help kittens and cats in the Albany area find the best home. How to Adopt a Cat from Kitten Angels You can view the available cats for adoption on Kitten Angel’s website. Because the organization cares for so many different cats and kittens, you are sure to find a wide variety of ages and personalities. The organization also hosts weekly adoption clinics at several locations, including local PetSmart, Petco, and Pet Supplies Plus stores.

To adopt a cat from Kitten Angels, you have to fill out their online adoption application. In your application, you can note any cats you are interested in and provide some information on your current home situation. Adoption fees are $150 per cat, and all cats are current on their shots and have been spayed or neutered.

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